East meets west this Christmas

[o que é bom é para partilhar] – estes ninguém os devora 😉

Craft Schmaft

This is a Christmas like no other. Normally I’d be baking gingerbread, decorating a fresh cut Christmas tree, sewing up a storm of stockings and nibbling away on mince pies and mangoes (well it is summer in Australia!).

Here in Hong Kong I find myself without a sewing machine, an oven…or even a real Christmas tree, which is probably just as well as all of our Christmas lights and ornaments ended up in the “storage” pile and are now locked away in a warehouse for 3 years. We’re in a temporary apartment that is smaller than a shoebox and you could say getting into the spirit has been a bit tough.

Christmas craft supplies
Not all is lost and once more crafting has saved the day. You see I stashed some supplies in my luggage and this week pulled out some felt, fabric and thread. I’m embracing this “East meets West” Christmas in…

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East meets west this Christmas

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