almond flour herb crust pizza

Hummm… It seems good 😉

Sun and Glory

i have been trying to eat gluten free, pretty much all the time, since i went to see a nutritionist back in july.  i had been experimenting with it prior to my visit, but she concluded that it is a good idea. apparently, people of irish and english decent are prone to having an intolerance to gluten, which i found fascinating. she did all sorts of funny tests, that will take a long time to explain…but she concluded some interesting scenarios about my body.  her basic idea: no gluten/dairy/sugar to loose weight. she also gave me a a caloric range that i could not go beyond or below, or loosing weight wouldn’t take effect.  i am not the best calorie counter in the world, i essentially try and eyeball it.  but….she did say any diet will work, if you follow it. it’s how healthy you want to be about it.

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almond flour herb crust pizza

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